Free Roof Replacement

Don't just get a new roof when you can get a free roof.

Have you thought about remodeling your home or replacing that old or damaged roof? Now is the best time to do it. Secure Roofing & Solar offers this Free Roof Program to help make your home more energy efficient without exceeding your budget.

A Solar System and Free Roof

Get your solar system from us and we will install it on your property immediately, along with your free roof. High quality solar panels alone are a great buy, but what makes this deal better is the free roof replacement service that comes with it. Yes, you’ll pay for a single product and get two items – only at Secure Roofing & Solar. It’s a perfect way to give your property a an energy make-over.

It’s Easy to Qualify

  • Be the first qualified install in the neighborhood
  • Have a minimun of $150/month electric bill
  • Home must have good curb appeal
  • Secure must be able to leave a sign in the yard for 30 days
  • Must write a review of your experience on Angie’s list

Advantages Leasing Your Solar System:

  • 100% maintenance free saving time and money on upkeep
  • Little to no out of pocket expenses
  • FREE monitoring of the system for maximum output
  • Energy production guaranteed with every system

Providing excellent service and great value for money is our main objective here at Secure Roofing & Solar. We want you to save more and make the most of your investment, so we offer great deals on roofing products, solar systems, and roofing services. Our clients in California love our service packages that come with a variety of free items. It’s time for you to experience the joy these property owners feel when they work with us.

We also offer free roof repair service with every solar system installation we perform in California. Contact us for more inquiries about our promotions, sale events, and special offers. We give free estimates to clients who wish to enlist our help and book a service from us.

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New Solar Systems Start with a Free Solar Analysis. From that Analysis, our team works with specialist in the solar industry to use satellite images of your home and an analysis of the amount of shading your home receives to determine the Solar and Roofing System that is right for your home.

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